What services do we provide?

Services provided from Townsville Speech Pathology include assessment, therapy, home and school programs for a variety of communication and swallowing difficulties. Sessions for intervention may be offered as an individual or in a group.Clients may wish to access computer-based home therapy activities or may require printed materials from software such as picture communication symbols.

Some outreach services are provided to schools, educational centres or medical facilities as arranged on an individual basis.

Consultation between your private therapist and other support agencies such as educational consultants, learning support teachers and community health workers is offered Education groups may be offered throughout the year. Such sessions include information evenings for parents and teacher seminars. These sessions can be tailored to specific requests.

Who will see you at our service?

A number of highly qualified and experienced Speech Pathologists work at the Townsville Speech Pathology Services rooms. You may find that you are directed to a particular person within the service who has more experience in the area in which you (or your child) experiences difficulty. For example, not all Speech Pathologists see children with cochlear implants or adults with complex swallowing difficulties. Having staff with specialist skills ensures that clients can be best serviced by a professional with specialist training.

All staff at our service have a minimum bachelors degree in Speech Pathology from a recognised university. In addition, Speech Pathologists can be a member of the Speech Pathology Association of Australia which further promotes training and support for Speech Pathologists working in both public and private sector


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